Re-elect The Board & Make It Two!

A few years ago, the sentiment in the 4000 Building and the direction we were going compelled me to create an Internet site to express my views.  Besides allowing me the opportunity to meet many of you, the response to my writing showed me that most of you shared the same concerns.  With your support and the tireless efforts of a group of residents, the voting control of the developer was broken and our building has been transformed.

We now have in place a Board of Directors which has brought in an experienced, professional and competent management team; instituted sound, responsive administration practices; and mandated fiscal responsibility for the good and welfare of all.  The result has been remarkable. Our building is once again a cordial, friendly place to live, and the spirit of those working here has been reinvigorated.  Projects necessary to maintain and improve our building are now moving forward in an economically sound way – and at a reasonable cost.

I am sure that many, if not all, of these changes have been a positive change for you – which Is why next month’s annual meeting and election is very important on several levels.

First is the re-election of the present Board.  Even though there are nine (9) candidates for the seven (7) positions, we as owners cannot afford to change the current dynamic. Although there are differences between Board members, over the past two years they have shown the ability to work together and form an important consensus that has enabled work to move forward.  In the middle of our current situation, we cannot afford the weeks and months necessary to even bring one new member on board.  Accordingly, I urge you to vote for :

  • Dorit Arad
  • Richard Burton
  • Stephen J. Hammer
  • Stanley Koolik
  • Honey Moss
  • Jack Smith
  • Ralph Walash

Second is the passage of Question B on the ballot, which is to amend Section 4.4 of our By-Laws so that we elect our Board of Directors every two (2) years instead of one (1). This is a change for common sense. It strikes a balance between the ability of owners to keep control over the Board and the direction of management, but at the same time enable a degree of continuity and stability for longer-term planning now required by State Law. Accordingly, I urge you to:

Vote in favor of amending §4.4 of the By-Laws to provide that the term of each Director’s service shall be for a two (2) year period.

At first glance, this election might appear to be relatively inconsequential so I took the initiative to reach out to you to consider otherwise. I hope that you will agree with me that this election is important for the future of our building, and make sure your voice is heard and your vote counted!

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