The Real Reality

A week or so ago, in response to being asked by a number of residents what my thoughts were on the upcoming annual meeting, I sent an e-mail letter expressing my view that we should re-elect the current Board and extend their terms from one to two years.

After reviewing the wonderful progress the current Board has made, I said at the time and continue to believe now that

Although there are differences between Board members, over the past two years they have shown the ability to work together and form an important consensus that has enabled work to move forward.

In the course of two major construction projects, it simply made no sense to change the current working dynamic of the Board and to require the investment of time to bring one or two new Board Members up to speed (to replace those who are currently working in various capacities on Association projects).

For those who may be wondering, I intentionally eliminate the subjective and emotional aspects of a situation when I am asked to provide my views on an issue. My experience has been that most individuals appreciate a rational and logical presentation of fact rather than personal invective.

As I wrote this, I first thought “it is easier for you and I to focus on positive facts rather than negative attacks because we are not candidates.” It then occurred to me, however, that none of the current board members have said anything negative about anyone – candidates or residents. So I couldn’t help thinking that they seem to “get it” as to what being a director is all about.

The reality is that our building is functioning as well as it is because current Board members quickly and efficiently worked towards resolution of the issues that were divisive so they could return to productive matters, and brought in our current Association manager and a new building engineer – both of whom have proven to be exceptionally qualified and  highly productive.

Members of our present Board have skillfully unbundled the two stalled major projects (elevators and balconies), so that one no longer held up the other; reduced the cost of the balcony project by approximately half (saving millions); and worked tirelessly to complete the windstorm protection project, resulting in better insurance rates.

Because our Board invested their time in the best interests of our residents and not personalities, we have once again become a building of neighbors instead of just owners.

So which of the four (non-developer elected) Board members – Stanley Koolik, Pres.,  Dorit Arad, V.P.,  Ralph Walash, Treas., and Honey Moss, Sec’y. — should be replaced in the best interest of the 4000 Building?

The reality is, what we have here in the 4000 Building is a competent, effective Board of Directors – and no logical or compelling reason to replace any them.

[If you would like to vote as I do, click on the image below to access a PDF copy of my ballot already filled in, which you can view, save, and/or print out and use.]

2010 Ballot Already Checked

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