FOLLOW-UP to “I Need Your Help. Please.”

FIRST, I need to say I am sorry – I didn’t realize that I put the addresses in the CC instead of BCC. I will again try harder to make sure this does not happen.

On to business!

Thank you all who have participated so far in my survey about spa membership and use.

Responses are still coming in, and if you have not participated, please feel free to do so. (The questions are repeated at the end of this article.)

The number of unit owners who have responded so far have made the results statistically significant and reliable. However, it is still important that as close to 100% participation is my goal.

Here is a chart based on the results so far. I was very surprised because the POA has based a lot of their action on their “statistics” that say 60% of Williams Island unit owners are spa members. The problem with that logic is that – at least in our building – most are not voluntary spa members.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not necessarily against spa renovation, nor spa membership. I am against not having choices. I am also against the POA making decisions on what they think rather than what the should know.








Thank you for your support, and as always, I welcome your thoughts on any matters relating to our building or the POA.

Arthur Shanker
Apt. 505



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