An Open E-mail to Bill Lurie


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From: Arthur Shanker <>
Date: Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 3:18 PM
Subject: Board Meeting
To: Bill Lurie <> Bill,

After last night’s building Board meeting I did not want a few things to go unsaid. One of the great things between us is our ability to say what we think and have frank, sometimes heated, discussions and still be friends.

First and foremost, thank you for your service to the POA as our building’s representative over the last three years. I am certain that the overwhelming number of residents are appreciative of your time and effort on their behalf. It is unfortunate that they do not really know or have the background of your efforts to appreciate the value of the experiences of your legal career that you have brought to the Island as a whole. As grateful as all residents should be for your efforts, it would be just plain wrong not to also thank Rita for sharing you with us. It is sometimes easier to recognize the one doing the work than the person in the background who makes that effort possible.

There are, as you know, different styles of advocacy; yours is more soft-spoken and deliberate. Some may see that as ineffective or under-zealous, and that would be wrong, but regardless of how anyone views your representation of us there is one thing that you are entitled to: respect. You are entitled to it as a neighbor; you are entitled to it for your service; and you are entitled to it because you have earned it. In the course of passionate discussion, the messenger often become the target of frustration and disagreement, but that is not an excuse for not giving respect where it is due.

As you well know, I can’t speak for the Board, its members, or any residents other than myself, so just let me say from me to you that for any disrespect from myself or anyone else please accept my sincerest apologies.

I hope, as I am sure others do, that you will continue to lend your good counsel and experience to our building and the Island.



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