Dog Crap

Yes, I said dog crap. There are 240 or so dog owners on Williams Island, and some of them are letting their dogs crap all over the place without picking it up.

Do I have your attention now?  This isn’t just about canine mud dragons decorating our beautiful Island, it’s about attitude. So please, I know I send this blog to my fellow residents in the 4000 Building but it isn’t exactly directed just to you; I would appreciate you circulating this to your friends on the Island as well.

To those of you who consistently pick up after your dog – thank you very, very much for being considerate. I sincerely hold you in high regard.

For those of you who don’t — and even those of you who don’t have a dog but don’t say anything when you see an owner leave their pet’s poop behind — I say please move.

I’m going on the assumption that most people walk their dog in part so their doggie doesn’t make a mess on the marble, tinkle on the tile, or leave a chocolate train on the carpet. In other words, you don’t want it in your home, so do you think anyone wants it on their property?

The paths and greenery around Williams Island are for all of us to enjoy. Those of you with children and grandchildren you send out to play, do you want them rolling in doggie doodoo?  Do any of you – regardless of whether you clean up – kiss your dogs after the dog has smelled or licked another dog’s droppings?

I said this is also about attitude. Are you (or your dog walkers) too good/important/proud/above everyone else to clean up after your pet or are you just plain lazy? Do you even think about it because you don’t care or are too self-absorbed by your own life?

We live in a community of many different backgrounds. And we all seem to get along pretty well. There are over 1740 unit owners that don’t have a dog and accommodate those who do.

So the next time your dog drops a deuce and you start to walk away with seeming impunity, remember this quote from Al Capone:  “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”

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  1. I had dogs as a child. Later, my children had a dog. My grand children all have dogs.
    If “Al Capone” wants to “get” irresponsible pet owners, he has lots of “ammo” to do so.

    All pet owners on Williams Island should be aware of the pet Rules for their own
    Condominium. There are also several POA provisions that are important for pet
    owners to understand if they wish to be regarded as responsible persons by others.

    Williams Island owners who do not clean up after their pet(s) are in danger of
    becoming the subject of a grievance and may be fined $100 for each offense by the
    Grievance committee. If the offense happens near the Restaurant, Spa or Tennis
    Facilities, an owner could even face a suspension from use of the Club Facilities.

    The POA Rules and Regulations are specific. Rule 11 reads in part, “Residents or
    any person in control or having custody of a pet shall pick up all solid waste from
    their pets. All solid waste shall be immediately removed by placing such waste in a
    bag, wrapper, or closed and sealed container and disposing of it in a trash receptacle,
    sanitary disposal unit or other closed or sealed container.”

    Rule 11 continues. “Pets are not permitted within the Williams Island Club amenities
    (with the exception of service dogs). including but not limited to the restaurants, pool
    or pool areas, tennis courts and viewing areas.” Additionally, pets shall not be
    permitted on other portions of the Easement Area unless attended by a competent
    person and on a leash not more than six (6) feet long.” The POA is permitted to admit
    only service dogs. These dogs are registered with the United States Dog Registry. This
    registry does not include Emotional Support animals or Therapy dogs. If you have
    questions, you should visit the POA Office for more details.

    In addition, a Williams Island Declaration provision, in place since the early 1980’s, reads
    “Pets. No animal shall be permitted in the Easement Area except when it is within a
    vehicle or when it is leashed or carried by hand and is either in an area (if any) specially
    designated for walking pets [think doggie park] or is being walked or transported directly
    to or from such an area or directly off the Easement Area. The POA may order
    temporarily or permanently banned from the Easement Area any animal that becomes
    obnoxious by reason of aggressive or intimidating behavior, barking, littering or otherwise.”

    Al Capone doesn’t have a Unit on Williams Island. But, be a responsible pet owner anyway.

  2. Wow – first, great on the dog crap stuff. Should be posted at everyone’s front desk. With pictures of poopie and the Pooch, to make a point.

    Second, a 4000 Building App?! How cool is THAT?! Thanks for your time and effort on behalf of everyone in the building. All Hail, Arthur, the App Maker!? Seriously, thank you. TB

  3. Thank you, Arthur for raising this issue. And,thank you Bill for reinforcing the rules and penalties that exist. While I wholeheartedly agree that owners, and their employees who walk their dogs, simply MUST pick up their poop, this problem is broader than just this one aspect.

    The fact is that the grass behind all of the towers is filled with festering dog waste, which increases by the day because it is not being cleaned up! It is not washed away by rain, nor does it disintegrate. It builds up to the point that you almost can’t avoid stepping in it! I have just thrown out yet another pair of “dog walking shoes” because I stepped in a mushy, disgusting pile – again! But what is much more distressing is that my dog has been very ill for a month now. He contracted both a parasite and bacteria from just sniffing around during our walks. And every time his medicine cures his illness, it only takes a few days for him to get sick all over again. My dog’s illness is due to the disgusting dog waste that has been left on the grass, which my vet confirmed again today! And, my dog is not the only one who has become sick.

    This is a serious health hazard. Festering dog feces breeds bacteria and parasites – not only endangering our pets, but children who play in the grass, people who walk in it, even those who just sit on the benches. It is imperative that the dog feces in the grass and on the sidewalks gets cleaned up and that it is not allowed to build up, regardless of inconsiderate dog owners/walkers who are not responsible enough to pick up after their dogs.

    Williams Island is supposed to be an upscale, luxurious community. The standards that define that distinction are not being upheld if we have so much dog waste in the grass that our dogs are getting sick. Our residents should not have to live with this, nor should our pets and, potentially children, be endangered. It is incumbent on the POA to not only remind dog owners of the rules and enforce them, but, very importantly, to clean up a health hazard and maintain the grounds to an acceptable level of cleanliness.

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