We Should Thank Our POA Rep, Bill Lurie

When it comes to the Williams Island Property Owners Association (“POA”), I have much the same problems with the Board and how the POA is controlled as I did with our own building a number of years ago that originally got me to speak out in this blog.

On December 3, 2010, a report of the previous evening’s POA meeting was e-mailed to the residents of the 4000 Building, and I wanted to take the opportunity to (1) ask that you make sure you read it, and (2) express my appreciation for Bill Lurie’s vote on the POA 2011 Budget as our building’s representative.

Bill was one of three (3) representatives who voted against an $18.00/month increase in our POA dues this year. Although the increase passed (8 to 3), Bill’s vote was motivated by all of the right reasons. He gave consideration to the circumstances in our own building, as well as other Williams Island residents.

So please, when you see Bill, express your appreciation for his work on our behalf and encourage him to bring some of the other building representatives around to his way of thinking.

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