Good Things Happening That Need Your Attention

We have our building’s annual meeting tomorrow (December 4th) and our holiday party next week (December 10th).  Also, beginning in December, the designs and materials for the renovation of  the hallways on each floor will also be displayed off of the elevator lobby and you will be able to vote on the design you prefer. More on these items in a second . . .

PLEASE, PLEASE PARTICIPATE.  The most important reason I write this blog is to get your attention. I want you to know and care about what is going on in your building (and on the Island). It does not matter if you are a full-time or part-time resident. We all have the same right ( and responsibility) to vote on condominium matters — and to enjoy our amenities and activities. Everyone’s opinion (and vote) counts.

December 4th – Annual Meeting:   You are being asked to vote on two items.

The first one is whether to fund our building’s reserves in full or in part. Why is this so very important?  If you vote for partial reserves, it allows you to keep our building’s monthly fees in line with previous years. It also means that we will not be on schedule to have the money projected for major repairs and replacements. IF the unit owners do not approve partial reserves, the law requires full reserves which will mean an increase in the building’s portion (remember, we cannot control the POA portion) of our monthly fees of about 30-35%. That would mean, however, that we will have the money for the projected major repairs and replacements as they come due.

The second item is a vote to modify our building’s pet friendly policy. Steven Hammer, one of our residents and a long-standing Board member often recognized as being the voice of reason and respect, has proposed a change to our building’s pet rules which would allow residents to have a heavier (or more than one) dog or cat. One of the motivating factors is Steven’s involvement in animal rescue, and although not a pet-owner myself it is a cause I support. Please  consider supporting this proposed change. Your vote is important because this is an amendment to our governing documents, and therefore is subject to your voting  approval.

VOTING MAY BE DONE BY SUBMITTING YOUR PROXY BALLOT IN PERSON OR BY MAIL. (Please remember that unless you own your apartment as a single person or as husband and wife,  you will need to also have a Voting Certificate on file. If you have any questions, contact the Management office at 305-937-2452.)


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