In Memoriam . . . Ralph Walash

Someone once said that we are not remembered after we are gone for what we do for ourselves, but for what we do for others.

This past summer longtime-resident and a member of our Board of Directors, Ralph Walash, passed away.

Ralph was a bull-in-a-china-shop kind of guy. He always said what was on his mind — whether solicited or not , without regard to social filters or political correctness — and took pleasure in provoking heated debate. Never taking himself too seriously, Ralph was instead dedicated to the good and welfare of the 4000 Building. Working hard to change the direction of our building, he made good on his promises to bring transparency, civility and fiscal sanity to our community.

Since his passing on August 2nd, I have often thought of suggesting some memorial to Ralph — perhaps naming the community room, or creating a small garden with a plaque.

On further reflection, I realized that in an unintended sort of way we already have that memorial in place. It is right there every time you look out of your apartment – our glass balcony railings.

The railings weren’t Mr. Walash’s idea — he wasn’t even in favor of them — but he fought to make sure they were necessary, and almost single-handedly cut the cost in half while ensuring quality in design and construction. Like the values and personality Ralph brought to our community, they are transparent and let use see the beauty of where we live.

So when you have the opportunity to look out to your balcony, every once in a while remember to thank Ralph.

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